Web development | Posted on February 21, 2017

This is one interesting topic. Actually, this is one topic where I would like to hear any comments from other developers. How they manage website development workflow.  Maybe there is any other, even better way to do it. This is how I do it.

My first steps as web developer started in university. Actually in the internship. When I developed my first WordPress website. Now it is almost 5 years old website. But that is one of the websites I’m proud of.

Developing this website I started to think what is the best way to plan and do all development process.

This is how I did it with that one:

  • Discuss requirements with client
  • Develop design
  • Develop functionality
  • Import content
  • Deploy

But after shipping website to a client, I was thinking that it wasn’t the best option how to do it. So, I started to google for any tips & tricks for best and faster options. No for developing itself but for workflow.

I tried many options but still haven’t found why that I like. But finally, after watching some Drupal videos I got an idea how to do it.

Now my workflow is something like this:

  • Get requirements from client
  • Import content ( if any )
  • Develop functionality
  • Develop design ( this one sometimes rotates with functionality )

Few comments about my choice. This way I better for me because of few things. In my opinion, when you have imported your content so you have info to work with. You can build the design based on actual content, not your imagination. Same for functionality.