This is my webpage and/or blog ( pick one that you like). but for me so far it is my sandbox. Where I do my tests for new things. Mostly for searching CMS that I like. First versions from 2012 till 2017 it as running on Wordpress. But now it is based on SpinaCMS. That runs on Ruby on Rails. 

So now about me.

Currently working as DevOps engineer. Previously worked few years as freelancer. And web development still is my hobby.As freelancer  developed websites on Wordpress and with Ruby on Rails. In current period most of the websites I build on Ruby on Rails. So that's why this page also runs on it.
I also do DevOps stuff. Configuration and maintenance of servers. 

One of my hobbies is Web development and it takes most of my daily time.Mostly developing in Ruby on Rails, WordPress. Next in my time consumption hobbies are SEO and DevOps.
Out of IT i'm interested in motorcycles.