Posted on February 16, 2017

Yesterday on of or local bloggers came out with an idea to do 30-day blogging challenge and asked others to join him. Goal? Publish at least article per day. After reading his post I was thinking to participate or not.  Today I while working was thinking about it again. Decided to participate too.  I will be difficult to publish at least article per day. So ? That is the most interesting part. To maintain workflow and publish that one nasty article per day. No one won’t be judged if he/she can’t publish at least per day.

I think to write that article isn’t the most difficult part of all this challenge. Generate ideas for articles will be hard. I think more that 50% will struggle with that. Maybe me too.

What will I write? While doing my job I have found that not all resources in the web have gathered all possible fixes for problems ( Hey. show me developer or server guy who don’t use google. All use it ) so I have an idea for the first article now too. Maybe will get some ideas while writing my first article in this challenge.

What are benefits of this? First of all. I can improve my little bit rusty English writing skills. That is the most interesting part. To compare my skills before this and after 30 articles. Also to use my brains for developing ideas for an article, also writing skills to write more that 5 words in one sentence.

The first article must be published next Monday ( That’s 20th of February)


Little update: My plan is to give review after each week my thoughts about this challenge