How i manage web development workflow

Web development | Posted on February 21, 2017

This is one interesting topic. Actually, this is one topic where I would like to hear any comments from other developers. How they manage website development workflow.  Maybe there is any other, even better way to do it. This is how I do it.

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30 day blogging challenge. Who’s in ?

Posted on February 16, 2017

Yesterday on of or local bloggers came out with an idea to do 30-day blogging challenge and asked others to join him. Goal? Publish at least article per day. After reading his post I was thinking to participate or not.  Today I while working was thinking about it again. Decided to participate too.  I will

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Rails Hosting. AWS or Digitalocean : Performance view

AWS | Linux | Web development | Posted on January 8, 2017

Websites build with Ruby on Rails now is becoming a trend. That’s because of the easy development process. With Rails, you can develop blog site in less than 10 minutes. Actually, if you know how to do it you can do it in 5 minutes.

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WP-CLI cheat sheet

Web development | Posted on January 7, 2017

So far i didn’t find any propper WordPress command line tool a,ka wp-cli cheat sheet.As i use WordPress command line tools  time to time , i think it’s pretty handy to collect list of commands.So i started to collect all these commands in one place. If anyone have something to add to this list write

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AWS Summit Netherlands 2016

AWS | Posted on June 6, 2016

Heh, long time had gone after my latest post. Almost half a year.So let’s post something new. This time, I will write about my first ever IT conf outside Baltics. Yes, I had visited 2 Drupalcamp Baltics ( One in Latvia and last year’s event at Tallin).I wanted to visit any conference in Europe. to

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Drupal & WordPress development environment on OS X

OS X | Web development | Posted on December 8, 2015

There is plenty of articles like, install MAMP or MEMP stack for Drupal or WordPress development. But none of them ( which I tried to Google) is for these two content management systems.I prefer Nginx so I will set up MEMP stack. As everyday normal developers, we will also set up local dns server so

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Kā tikt pie sava VPN servera? Saliec to pats !

Linux | Web development | Posted on March 4, 2015

Lielākoties visi tagad ir sākuši aizdomāties par drošību utt.Protams ir arī tādi , kas pie internetbankas slēdzas klāt no publiskā Wi-Fi. Tad nu tiem kas domā ir viena laba opcija – Izmantot VPN. Te nu ir divas iespējas, abonēt kādu VPN no pakalpojuma sniedzēja, bet nu ar tiem ar nevar galvot, ka nelogo tavu trafiku

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Google aktivizē jaunu TLD zonu .how

SEO | Web development | Posted on February 5, 2015

Pirms mazāk kā 24h Google ir paziņojusi , ka ir reģistrēta jauna pirmā līmeņa domēnu zona .HOW .Iemesls šādai rīcībai , spriežot pēc Google bloga ieraksta , ir tas, ka cilvēki ļoti daudz meklēšanas vaicājumus veido ar vārdu how, jeb meklē kā ko izdarīt, tad nu tie kas vēlas cilvēkus nodrošināt ar šadu iespēju var nu

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